So you want to know how to date a Japanese girl from Japan the right way then you will want to watch this video. These three simple tips will change the way you view relationships and dating…

So let me know in the comments section what your experience has been with dating and what advice would you give? Also if you know someone who needs to see this then feel free to share this with them!

4 Replies to “How To Date A Japanese Girl From Japan:Three Simple Tips”

  1. Hi there,

    Awesome video. Thank you for sharing it!

    My son just finished high school and is planning a trip to Japan, and he already told me that the girls are beautiful there. But he wouldn’t know how to approach them because of the difference in mentality. I will definitely show him your videos and all the tips you shared. A big thanks again!

    1. Wow! First off congratulations for your son graduating, that is a huge milestone.  And please feel free to share the video to those who you think could benefit from it ^^. Thanks for your support!

  2. This has been an interesting video. I didn’t expect all the things you mentioned here. I will be aware about not mentioning sailor moon. And it was cool to see the comparison between goldilocks and the three bears. And being interested is a genuine way to connect. Yes, I am interested in all Japanese things.

    1. Glad to hear you found it interesting! If you ever come to Japan let me know! I can show you around ^^

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