Hey Everyone! My name is Brandon, your average Japanese Canadian and I have a mission… A mission to spread the truth about what it's really like living in Japan.  So I want to share with you my experiences, mistakes and adventures in Japan.
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                                           (Me at the famous Robot Cafe in Tokyo)
  I was born and raised in the Great Rocky Province of British Columbia.  You see… I never had really interest in Japan outside of the common anime like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. And my parents never pushed traditional Japanese culture on me so besides liking anime I never felt any connection to Japan or Japanese culture. But that all changed when I decided to do a study abroad in Tokyo. The culture, mannerisms and the general atmosphere was so different and unique to that of Canada.  I instantly wanted to learn more about Japan but unfortunately my study abroad only lasted 3 weeks… So I was determined to one day go back to live in Japan and discover and experience the culture… Now I'm back in Japan and I want to share my experiences with you… So I hope you enjoy my videos and articles showing about what daily life in Japan is like 🙂