Discover why Japan is facing a serious health issue with STSS, a sickness causing concern also known as flesh eating bacteria…Learn about symptoms, what experts are doing, and how you can stay safe.

The Japanese government warns citizens that flesh eating bacteria is a real  threat if not taken seriously… so what is this all about and what can to done to protect yourself?  Well make sure you watch the video down below for the full story…

So recently there’s been a lot more cases of a sickness called streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, or STSS. It’s a really serious infection that can make you very sick or in some cases can lead to death.”

STSS happens when certain bacteria get into your body and cause big problems. It starts with symptoms like fever, muscle pain, and throwing up. But then it can get really bad, affecting your blood pressure and how your organs work.

Since last year, Japan has seen the most cases of STSS ever recorded. Just this year, there have been 977 cases and 77 people have passed away from it between January and March.

Doctors and experts are still trying to figure out why this is happening. One idea is that after Covid-19, our bodies might not be as strong against infections like this.

Even with treatment, STSS can be really dangerous. About 3 out of 10 people who get it might not survive. It’s a big worry for doctors and people in Japan right now. Especially since it could take as little as 48 hours to take effect.  

What do you think about this sickness spreading in Japan? Have you heard of STSS before? Let me know in the comments below.

Now, let's talk about how other countries are dealing with similar sicknesses and what they're doing to stop them.

Last year, some countries in Europe saw more cases of similar infections too. It shows how things happening in one place can affect other countries too.

Doctors say older people and those who recently had surgery are more at risk. But they’re not sure how the bacteria get into the body for many people who get sick. So, what can we do to stay safe? It’s important to wash our hands and take care of cuts or wounds. And if we feel sick, it’s always a safe bet to see a doctor.

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